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Badger culling

Now that the Minister has given the go-ahead for a culling trial, I feel moved yet again, to condemn this proposal to cull badgers in the UK.

Make no mistake, this plan requires the complete extermination of all badgers within the designated trial areas, so if the State, in its wisdom, decides to roll this out nationally, it will be good-bye to a large native mammal – all because of the shoddy (and shady) activities of the UK livestock industry.

I would have thought that by now, everyone would have rejected the plan to exterminate badgers as an inhumane, impractical and completely ineffective way of managing bovine TB.

Any objective evaluation of the scientific evidence seems to bear this out and if the existing legislation that is supposed to prevent interference with badger colonies is reversed to make the proposed plan legal, we will also be legitimising the activities of the beasts who enjoy tormenting them.

Google Operation Meles to discover more about this disgusting “sport”, or see:

The real issues of closely supervised movement control, effective testing and immunisation of domesticated cattle are still not being addressed with any rigour while time and money are being wasted on scapegoating a wild animal that also happens to be susceptible to bTB.

What is being done to stop the practice of ”bed & breakfasting” cattle on their way to market which makes them appear to come from a region free of bTB

In view of the practice of “ringing” the ear-tags of slaughtered cattle, why has there been no consideration given to the indelible alternatives of branding or ear tattooing to eliminate this corrupt activity?