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October – everything goes to sleep

In Worcestershire, this is the last month that delivers useful harvests. I was picking peas in the first fortnight and the fennel, lettuce, beetroot, cabbage and other leafy greens were still maturing – but we had the first frost on the 16th and any summer veg that comes along after that is a bonus.

I harvested the dried pods of borlotti bean Centofiamme and saved 0.65kg of dried seeds to use over the winter. This is in addition to the immature pods harvested for the delicious fresh seeds.

I planted my garlic in the middle of the month together with broad bean Aquadulce. Both these crops overwinter well if they get established before the hard weather starts.

Here’s that courgette Romanesco Italiano which I decided to keep for seed. It was 64cm long and weighed 7.6kg!

I would like to give a plug for Seeds Of Italy, check out their website at:

I have been growing their varieties for several years now and the three things that keep me buying from them are the great varieties they offer, the generous quantities in the packs and the vigour of the seed.

Seed offered by most of the companies supplying us amateurs is of variable quality (to put it kindly), they are at the mercy of their suppliers after all. The parent company of Seeds Of Italy, Franchi, is also a major producer of vegetable seeds so there’s a better chance of getting fresh material from them.

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