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Broad bean bonanza


We are having a feast of broad beans out of the vegetable patch.  They are so young and tender at the moment that I have been cooking them simply and eating them with some lovely unsalted farm butter.  Really yummy.  As they become more mature, I like to put them in risottos or serve them in a garlicky cream and herb sauce.  Nothing else is yet ready for harvesting from our garden at the moment.

Another interesting business we came across on our Herefordshire holiday was Trumper’s Tea.  I mistakenly thought that Claire Trumper had a retail outlet in Hereford but it turned out that she has a mail order and most entertaining website  She was away on a working trip but we met her parents who are very much part of the business.  We came away with samples of the range of teas.  We have tried some and will gradually work our way through the rest.  It is a most impressive collection of very high quality loose leaf teas, including delicious herbal varieties.  They also have “DIY” teabags so that you don’t have the bother of cleaning out the leaves from the pot.

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